Early 19th C. British Colonial Dressing Table from Jamaica, West Indies, c.1835

A Fine and Rare Early 19th Century British Colonial Dressing Table from the Island of Jamaica in the West Indies. It dates from the William IV Period and was made from solid Mahogany and Lignum Vitae that was Hand-Carved by Slaves on the Plantation, c. 1835. The Pedestal, with Balusters and Acanthus Leaf carving resting on a Triangular base with Bun feet, has been adapted in the West India Creole style and is typical of Jamaican Colonial furniture of the period. The hand-carved Fanlight decoration on the front is particularly well done and undoubtedly the work of a master Kingston Cabinet-Maker. This exquisite piece of furniture has been attributed to the most famous Cabinetmaker in 19th Century Jamaica, Ralph Turnbull. This item is one of several splendid pieces of Early 19th Century Jamaican Colonial Furniture being sold and is from the famous Ashmeade-Hawkins Collection. This magnificent Early 19th Century Jamaican Colonial Dressing Table came out of the 18th Century Great House of Morgan's Valley Estate in Clarendon, once the plantation of the infamous Buccaneer Sir Henry Morgan who later became Lieutenant-Governor of Jamaica in 1671. It was owned for several generations by the Thomas Abrahams family who owned Morgan's Valley Estate and other Plantations in Clarendon. It is said to have been originally made for James Wright Turner, Esq. (1799-1840) of Teak Penn, Clarendon, a wealthy Sugar Planter and Planting-Attorney who was a Member of the House of Assembly of Jamaica. His descendants sold it to the Abrahams family in the 1870s and it remained in their possession until the 1990s. As most serious Dealers and Collectors know the majority of 18th and Early 19th Century West Indian Colonial Furniture is handed down as family heirlooms from generation to generation by the old British and French Colonial families on their Plantations in the Caribbean and seldom comes on the Market. This is a unique opportunity to purchase a rare and outstanding example of Early 19th Century Jamaican Colonial Furniture at a very reasonable cost.

Length: 44 inches
Width:  21 inches
Height: 37 inches

Price: $5,000.00